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I don't know. Thought I'd post. As I have figured, it's more difficult to attach a Kagome to a Sesshoumaru than it is to attach a Sesshoumaru to a Kagome. I know this from experience. Damn. 

Anyway, I've begun to dislike Yaoi. I don't know why. I don't know how. Perhaps it's because I want to attach my Sakura SN to an Itachi.. but all of 'em are more interested in Deidara. xD Am I the only one?

Regardless.. I finally got around to looking for hentai. xD The SessKag.. is smexeh. Yummeh. But the InuSess.. Perhaps a little too weird for my liking. <<; Anything with Sesshoumaru makes it hot, though. InuSess is no exception. xD

Enough drabble. You shall.. fear my moofins. << 

Aeris Dies. xD
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