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Woo, I return!! ..Again..

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Sorry. I've been spending so much time away from my LJ, it's not even funny. It's mostly due to the occupation of my mind that Yahell and RPing has. 'Tis fun. What can I say? 

Anywho... there's not really much else to say. Except.. SessKag =3. And no, by the 'Kag,' I don't mean Kagura. I mean Kagome. For some reason, Kagura struck me as a transvestite. Besides the fact that I consider Kagome the only girl 'worthy' of Sesshoumaru, if you will. I just like her. SessKik would make my nose bleed. NarSess.. even more so. SanSess.. That'd just trigger regurgitation. SessRin.. eh.. I just prefer SessKag, is all.

Regardless, I have thought up a new plot for an InuYasha fanfiction. SessKag, of course. It will never be up to House of the Moon's par.. xD But that's to be expected. That woman is a _genius.._ e.e; It'll still be mildly considered an epic.. and it's funny that I would ever think of including NarKik. My 'fuck you' to Kikyou. I don't really hate her, per se- though I did join the community.. n.n- but I can't really bring myself to like her. Just.. a zombie.. Made of clay and grave soil. Seriously, she should've stayed incinerated. Then all of the conflict with InuYasha would've been avoided.

Of course, I'm no fan of InuKag. So, then SessKag would be even more impossible. So let's be thankful for Kikyou and her undead pwnage skills of keeping InuYasha away from Kagome. Haha. Move on, Kagome. Preferably with Sesshoumaru, because that daiyoukai is worth the riddance of that hanyou. v.v;

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