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Sesshomaru-obsession starting to increase. (Fran post.)

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The debate that conflicts my mind at the moment is... if Lord Sesshomaru from Inuyasha and Fran from Final Fantasy XII, in the very narrow chance they would meet, would they ever be able to fall in love? Fran's the apathetic type, for the most part. She's extremely keen... Sesshomaru's basically the same way... just to a greater extent... Eheh...Cold, ruthless and sociopathic... xD As quoted from acute_t_o_x_i_c_i_t_y... Of course.... it is pretty accurate. <<;

Anyway... freedom. Feels great. Aside from being reprimanded for it... Truthfully, mind games weren't my intention. Never. I'm too much of the non-hostile, reserved type. Seriously. Though I have my violent outbursts. o.o;; You don't want to be in my presence when those occur. I guarantee, you'll not like it. 

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