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Or so we think...

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  • fenrilknight@livejournal.com
This journal is really for the purpose of posting fanfiction on a site other than fanfiction.net... Though if I feel the need to inform others of the idiotic goings-on of my life, I shall do so. You'll see many things here, most of its contents random (and to some, illegal...), but you'll... You're like to enjoy it, regardless.

InuYasha and Final Fantasy XII are the main focuses at the moment. You'll see fanfiction to that extent. Everything before that shall now be considered null and void: such as the Xiaolin Showdown fanfiction. TCoMMS has been reborn into something renamed 'The True Reason for Being,' but you won't be seeing that posted anywhere. As for anything else... as I said, "null and void."

Other than that, nothing else really needs to be said. Most of the leisure time I have is spent on Yahell. I have multiple profiles on there. IM me and choose what you will.