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I Have a Soft Spot for MirKik?

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Sudden realization. Miroku/Kikyou presses a good button inside me. oo; Again, my odd shipping favoritisms. My RP knows almost no limits. Now, if only I could bring myself to like Yaoi and Yuri, the aforementioned limits would become nonexistent. Damn you, Itachi. You may be thinking, "Just make a Deidara SN, baka." I say, in response: "STFU!! I willz when I feelz like it, wenchez!!" And I don't feel like it.

Okay. So my Sakura SN says I want me a Haku. I do. But there are almost none to speak of. My second choice is Itachi. But dammit, they're too obsessed with shounen-ai to consider an RP with a Sakura. Well, there is one.. but he's attached to a Deidara.. VV;!! My Sesshoumaru is attached to a Kagome, but that's justified. I like the SessKag ship, dammit. I originally wanted to attach my Kikyou to an InuYasha, because I thought I liked the InuKik ship. That seemed because I only liked (okay, loved) pairing Sesshoumaru with Kagome. Still do. But MirKik just intrigues me for some reason. xD

I cannot stand SessRin. Seems almost like incest to me. Yet InuSess is hot. Tell me how much sense that makes. oo; xD The fanfiction is disgusting. The hentai is mesmerizing. xx; Anyway, I think I've figured out who would be hot with InuYasha. No, it's not Sesshoumaru (though, that's pretty good, too nn; ) but Jakotsu. Yes, Jakotsu. xD The transvestite Shichinintai snake. ^^; Seriously. As if his hitting on InuYasha wasn't enough.

So here we are. SessKag. MirKik. InuJa. Who shall we put Sango with? It can't be Naraku, because she hates the very fact that he lives. Can't be Kohaku, because I don't like heterosexual incest (but Cathy/Chris I put into exception because.. Well.. They were locked up in a cellar for more than three years. It was necessity that they should conceive. ee;). Am I leaning toward Bankotsu? I've never really liked Sango, but I do like Bankotsu (for the sake of the Banryuu. What? It's effing huge!!).. so no. I should ship her with the machine.. Ginkotsu. Why? Because I'm evil. NarSan would fuck up the entire InuYasha plot. Not as much as NarKag would, but eh.. Or maybe I should just have Shippou suffocate her with cuteness and be done with it. <<; ..Wait. I know. I'll ship her with Kagura. There's my Yuri fix. xD Oh, god, my own mind scares me. To a greater extent than shoujo-ai itself. And that's damned frightening. I saw a Yuri Sango in a room once. Maybe I'll create a Kagura SN. xD Well, deciding to ship KaguSan simultaneously takes care of Kagura, so.. <<;; Rin is with Hakudoushi, hands down (Gah, I can only imagine Sesshoumaru's reaction.) Jaken.. xD Wow. We haven't taken care of Jaken.. *Ten minutes later..* I'm voiding.. Seriously voiding on who to ship Jaken with. <<; I'm too busy thinking about the MirokuxInuYashaxShippou threesome I saw on AerisDies. xx; I say people are depraved, but that was just plain malicious. Mindrape. xx; *Just dies. Just.. freakin... dies..* XX;
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